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Firing Range

Chatham County Sheriff's Firing Range

The Chatham County Sheriff’s Office, Al St Lawrence Range and Training Facility encompasses ten acres and is utilized by over 50 agencies to include local, state, federal, as well as the military. The training facility also has several classrooms and five state of the art, live fire ranges to accommodate a wide variety of weapons systems. This enables us to provide a realistic training environment on many different levels. This modern training facility allows us to conduct annual weapons qualifications in accordance with The Georgia Peace Officers and Training Council mandates. 

The following is a brief description of the ranges:

  • Range #1 Computer controlled turning target system
  • Range #2 Cable range
  • Range #3 Rogers reactive steel target system
  • Range #4 Cable range
  • Range #5 laterally moving target system

 For H.R. 218 qualification contact